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Inspired Indian Cooking

Kheema | Spiced Ground Meat

Kheema | Spiced Ground Meat

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Inspired Indian Cooking’s Kheema Spice Kit requires just a few fresh ingredients, serves 4 to 5, and yields a restaurant-quality Indian dish!

ABOUT THE  DISH "Kheema" means minced/ground meat in Urdu, and many believe the dish originated in Persia before travelling to India centuries ago, when the Mughals ruled. Upon arriving, it was often served as a royal dish during special occasions and feasts. It's now a popular street food, commonly used as a samosa filling or accompanied by roti or bread rolls.

View our 5-step Kheema recipe here.

SPICE KIT INGREDIENTS WHOLE SPICES cloves, green cardamom, Ceylon cinnamon, cumin seeds MASALA POWDER garam masala (cumin, black pepper, coriander, green cardamom, nutmeg, fennel, Ceylon cinnamon, cloves, black cumin seeds, ginger powder, mace, Indian bay leaf, black cardamom, star anise), coriander, cumin, Kashmiri chile powder, turmeric, black pepper, fenugreek leaves, mint

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