You deserve amazing Indian food. Our spice kits will help you cook it.

The retail shop will be closed for the near future. We’ll continue to ship orders placed online here, Amazon, and Etsy, and local customers may purchase our spice kits at Village Farmstand next door to the shop. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Why buy 20+ spices and spend lots of $$ to make a single dish, when you can use an Inspired Indian spice kit instead?

Check any Indian cookbook and you'll see the vast majority of recipes call for a LOT of whole and ground spices. Not only can these be difficult to find and expensive, but they'll likely go stale or unused unless you're cooking Indian food several times a week.

Inspired Indian Cooking solves this problem with our small-batch, freshly roasted and ground spice kits, which provide exactly what you need to make 4 to 5 servings of an iconic dish.

  • 20+ Spices

    Includes a whole spice mix and ground spice blend, both essential for creating restaurant-quality flavors.
  • Shopping List

    Gather a few ingredients, easily found in any grocery story or your kitchen, when you're ready to cook!
  • 5-Step Recipe

    Easy for both novice and experienced home chefs and adaptable to vegan/vegetarian diets.