You deserve amazing Indian food.

We'll help you cook it.

Why buy 20+ spices and spend lots of $$ to make a single dish, when you can use an Inspired Indian spice kit instead?

Check any Indian cookbook and you'll see the vast majority of recipes call for a LOT of whole and ground spices. Not only can these be difficult to find and expensive, but they'll likely go stale or unused unless you're cooking Indian food several times a week.

Inspired Indian Cooking solves this problem with our small-batch, freshly roasted and ground spice kits, which provide exactly what you need to make 4 to 5 servings of an iconic dish.

  • 20+ Spices

    Includes a whole spice mix and ground spice blend, both essential for creating restaurant-quality flavors.
  • Shopping List

    Gather a few ingredients, easily found in any grocery story or your kitchen, when you're ready to cook!
  • 5-Step Recipe

    Easy for both novice and experienced home chefs and adaptable to vegan/vegetarian diets.